Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Farewell to Autumn......

It's wet, bleak and miserable in the hills today......Autumn is certainly on the way out as Winter lets us all know she is just around the corner....no complaints, we've had loads of beautiful sunny days and mild temperatures this Autumn....I've planted out plenty of seedlings and am currently looking around for a greenhouse....nothing to  big, just enough to propagate my own seeds...hopefully save money by not buying costly seedlings to feed to the snails !!....Growing  vegies certainly makes you very aware of the change in seasons....The chickens also react to the seasonal changes....yes they were moulting...lots of lovely new feathers now...but not many eggs....its gone from feast to famine...only one or two a day...makes them all the more precious don't you think.

The beautiful birdlife around here ..... they love the bird feeder in my garden

Autumn's carpet....I love it .. unfortunately my husband doesn't and they eventually succumb to the leaf blower....

The neighbouring Golden Beech sheds into our yard....it's so beautiful, wish it was on our side.

Precious goodies from the girls....the fewer fresh eggs it seems, the greater the enjoyment...go figure
Next week we welcome winter .... the season of lazy days in front of the log fire....loads of pumpkin soup and freshly baked bread.....knitting ...umbrellas .....new gumboots...big puddles... and loads of warm cuddles.....


  1. Have you got a sunny spot inside near a windoe Suzie, instant green house!! Love your Autumn pics :D Jan x

  2. What beautiful images of Autumn Suzie ….. seems funny to me as it's late Spring here !! The colours of those birds are amazing.
    …. and, thank you so much for your lovely comment today ……. I have been a bit sporadic with my blogging as my husband has been ill. Hopefully, I will post a bit more soon. XXXX

  3. Those eggs look delicious....looks like you've nailed how to do proper restaurant poached eggs...I've still not mastered that yet. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Kathy I think the trick is the vinegar in the water and very fresh eggs...perfect every time..

  4. How wonderful to have such colorful birds at your feeder. I too think the changes with the seasons... eggs, vegetables.. makes us appreciate them more while they last.