Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lesson's from Life.......

Was it really only three weeks ago I was thinking how perfect my simple life had become....I should have known better than let the universe see my since then has thrown some huge challenges my of which was flying to Qld when my elderly father was hospitalised after driving himself and mum all the way from Melbourne towing a caravan....getting very sick along the way. ....Hospital advising him he was not fit to drive and I had to fly up and drive them both back home....Hervey Bay to Melbourne (2000km)  in 3 days....exhausting....poor dad is perhaps suffering some early dementia as well as poor's heartbreaking to realise he isn't quite the same person he used to be.

Then one of those nearest and dearest to me experienced breakup, heartache and life changing decisions have been made...The lesson for me from all of this is I don't have the power to fix everything....I have to be a bystander as those around me suffer...I can only offer my heart and the end of the day I am powerless, and just hope my love wraps its strength around them.

The sun still came up's bright and crisp outside....I've cleaned up the chicken coop...the poor feathered girls have not had their usual attention, so spent some time with them this morning.  The vegies are growing...there is the beautiful smell of open fires permeating the's so good to feel the magic that this lifestyle gives me is still here.

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  1. Suzie that's no good about your dad being hospitalised hopefully things will improve soon. As for your friend with the break up (been there done that and the only advice I can offer you for your friend is to "take one day at a time". Don't think about everything that has to happen but wake up that day and get through that day and go to bed. God knows I've been there and done that and quite frankly that was my only goal. I could not think about all the things that were gaping to have to happen as some of those things I had no control over I just had to wake up attend to my 2 and 4 year old for the whole day and then go to bed at night. Hope next week is kinder for all concerned. Thanks for popping over and leaving a little comment tonight. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane