Monday, 27 August 2018

Day's of Love, Letterboxes & Longing......!!

It was my 25th wedding anniversary on Wednesday so to celebrate I took my man away for the weekend to Daylesford....which happened to be the second weekend of the Words in Winter festival being held it when I can kill two birds with one stone...I'd never get him interested in a writers festival !! he amused himself while I joined a couple of 1 hour sessions I wanted to attend. ...we spent the rest of the time idyllically enjoying the beauty and fabulous community that is Daylesford.

Getting there, I have to admit to an obsession of mine .... which along with old loving the letterbox groupings that abound in country Victoria....I always look out for them and when they sneak up on us I shout out to pull over,  which never gives my man enough time or space to we revisited these two near Daylesford just so I could take a couple of pictures....I love them...such a quirky part of the rural landscape.

On the Midland Hwy just out of Daylesford....
Just off Porcupine Ridge Rd.....I love them !!

We had two nights at The Hide studio Mt Franklin ...a beautiful self contained cottage on 44 hectares...complete with a frog filled dam, beautiful cattle, geese, native birds and about a thousand kangaroos...I have never seen so many...they were everywhere.... but still those wide open spaces set me craving !!
Beautiful accommodation at Mt Franklin ..the little cottage in the middle next to the dam
A trip to Daylesford wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Convent Gallery.....we had a lovely morning tea in the atrium soaking up the fabulous sunshine streaming through the glass...the weather was perfect all weekend....we were so lucky. Inside the gallery I was mesmerised by the incredible artwork of Barbara Hauser ..... Acrylic on Printed Fabrics.....they are so fabulous if I had the money I would love to own one of them....!!

 I can also admit I struggle to walk past a plant nursery without going in and buying a little something to plant when I get home...and this pocket sized nursery in Daylesford is just's a work of art in itself and the plants and garden bits and bobs make it a treasure chest of goodies.....such a creative and fabulous use of space...rusty galvanised iron has been put to delightful purpose...everywhere you look there is a creative little gem waiting ...  If dreams were wishes I would love to own and work in this place..!!

Love, love , love this nursery......!!
So much to look at and so beautifully done.....!!
 We had a great weekend away to celebrate which left me longing for all the beauty and creativity that I saw and experienced.....but I feel wonderfully inspired and motivated to get fired up on my own creative projects that always somehow wind up on the back-burner !!  

I'll finish off with a pic of the beautiful bunch of anniversary flowers from my husband.. second time around for me and third for him.... 25 happy years...can't really ask for more than that.