Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Where Does the Time Go?...........

We had a really busy weekend moving my daughter into her new home......Sunday night locking up the chooks my man found one had died and its neck broken and the feathers picked off, no other damage.....the other girls were looking very subdued and morning silence from the henhouse and I thought the worst.....but they were ok just too scared to come out and kept looking skyward....I think that a large bird has attacked them and tried to carry one of them off and has only managed to kill it .....I hastily erected the bird netting over their enclosure and they came straight out and have been happy since.....I've had the chickens for over 2 years and this is the first one I've lost to a predator....have managed to keep them safe from Mr Fox, but didn't think of attacks from above.

Wedding anniversary and bouquet lovely....I feel very lucky to be sharing my life with
such a terrific man.....he really is a special person.
An anniversary bouquet.....lovely to celebrate every milestone.
Am racing to finish of a crochet project for my daughter's new house....haven't crocheted in a long time, but it's like riding a just get back on.....hopefully this cushion cover will be finished soon.....
Progress on the cushion cover is quick when I have time to get onto it....12 ply works up fast .
Another project is renovating the far all we have managed to do is start to pull our the shower......fingers crossed we can arrange reliable tradesmen and things will so along smoothly....does it ever???......renovating anything is problematic at times....see how we go !!
Yikes, I hate renovating but our ensuite needs fixing....including leaky broken shower.
I can't believe that we are heading into September next week....where does the year flies past and before you know it another year is gone.....I took the time today to sit in the sun with a cup off tea and just enjoyed doing nothing for 20 minutes...just being thankful for my life and all that it entails...the good and the not so really is what you make make the most of it.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Surely They Can't be Serious.......

I received an email from a solar company today with this link to an article in the media outlining the government's intention to scrap the RET (renewable energy target).....
They think we should continue with masses of this !!!..........................

Instead of aiming for this where possible.........................

Or this...........
Is this logical???....I am so mad that money drives every decision that this current government makes......what is wrong with people !

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wonderful Weekend Away.......

My man and I were long overdue for a weekend away so for his birthday and our anniversary we took a trip away to country Victoria....headed off on Friday..stopping in at Trentham on our way to Castlemaine....a trip to Daylesford on Saturday and then Hanging Rock on the way back home on Sunday....if you've never taken a trip around Victoria's historic gold field's a beautiful way to spend a sunny, if not a bit chilly, weekend.
First stop was Lunch in Trenthan at the Red Beard Bakery....all products sourced man's sausage roll .

Local goodies line the wall of the Café...I love shops that sell regional produce
Relaxed style of the café was a great spot for our first stop

Lots of recycled items in the brick fence was amazing and so creative. ..loads of clever people in rural Victoria

Next stop Trentham falls....the highest single drop waterfall in Victoria...another little gem hidden away.
One of my absolute favourite parts of the Australian Countryside....I adore the rows of quirky letterboxes that are dotted around the place....impossible for me not to stop and snap a quick pic..
I'm sure the letterboxes are as individual and quirky as their much to see when you take the time to look.
Our accommodation at Castlemaine was the Coach House a lovely conversion that sits in amongst a beautifully restored Victorian homestead on 5 acres...only spent 2 nights but we think we could live in Castlemaine .... would love to restore one of the many old houses that are dotted around the's nice to dream about.
Our accommodation...1900's coach house conversion...lovely and very rustic inside.
 A visit to Buda House in Castlemaine was a great insight to life in the late 1800's...the house appears as it would have been in the early 1900's and is of significant historical value to the local area....information about the Leviny family can be found here ...the daughters helped to inspire the art and craft movement in rural Victoria.

Buda House and gardens....unchanged since the early 1900's .... maintained by the local community.

Art and handicraft fill the home.. including this amazing stitchery created by one of the Leviny daughters.

Saturday saw us in Daylesford for lunch...have been lots of times as I love Daylesford...our usual trip to the Convent Gallery and as always lit a candle for our sister-in-law and now also for our friend Heather who we lost earlier this's a lovely place
We lit two candles in the convent chapel....... it's a sentimental reminder we do each visit.

The Convent Gallery Daylesford...lovely place to pop in and check out the artwork
 Friday night dinner was at the Railway Café and Saturday night was a slap up 3 courses at the NewNorthern..very fancy...lots of locally sourced foods, and things we had never eaten before...quite an experience.....Sunday morning saw us taking brunch in the Run Rabbit Run café in Castlemaine was our favourite café man's meal was called Cowboy Scrapple...and I had Grandma's Toastie.....before heading off to the hauntingly beautiful Hanging Rock..
Ed's brunch...Cowboy Scrapple...chorizo, chilli cornbread, eggs and special chutney...he loved it
The walk up Hanging Rock ....we didn't get to what they charmingly call the summit...we only went as far as the Hanging Rock...that was far enough for me ...very steep and it was very cold. 
The start of the walk up the mysterious Hanging Rock....the visit to the display and information room is really interesting.

This is the actual hanging rock...didn't know that was how they got the name. it's the small suspended rock 2nd from the left.
 What would a trip to Hanging Rock be without a lunch of bread, pate, cheese and our favourite Oyster was a quick lunch as it was only 6 degrees while we were there....sun was shining .....but still pretty chilly.
Lunch in the chilly car park....joined by two very friendly magpies...they enjoyed the sourdough.
 We had a great trip.  It was so good to spend time away together just the two of us....eating out, sightseeing, looking through shops....enjoying good food and great experiences ... we really should do it more often....We all need a break at some time.. Will have to think about planning our next many great spots only a few hours away.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Monthly 9 linkup for July....

Many thanks to Linda for taking this on.  I love joining in on this linkup and reflecting on what I have been doing for the month...and also seeing what others have been up to.

Nourish:  Tried my hand at making roast pumpkin hummus.... it was nice but I think I could have tweaked the recipe maybe and added a bit more roasted garlic. Will definitely make my own dips from now on was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

All the ingredients straight into the food processor.

Instant was lovely and creamy initially but set a little after refrigeration...

Prepare: My daughter and grandson have been staying with us and now big preparations are underway to get them into their next home...preparing for a beautiful fresh start....there is a lot to do.

Reduce:  I failed miserably at the no plastic in July...not too proud of that I have to say...certainly an eye opener....did manage to continue to recycle the office files and my man installed a small water tank in the chook pen ..which I blog about Here

Green:  Finally tried to make the face cream I had been going to make for some time...the recipe called for coconut oil, beeswax, almond oil & macadamia oil (any quality oil really), Palmarosa essential oil & vitamin E...however I don't think I did it quite correctly because it didn't go as creamy as I was the fridge it set beautifully, but at room temperature it is a little runny...still using it though as it is a great moisturiser. 

Home made moisturiser....need to work on the recipe again.

 Grow:  Not getting much out of the vegie garden at the moment just waiting patiently for the seedlings to do their thing....but a lot of flowers are already appearing a bit early.....I love the fragrance of Daphne and am madly picking the flowers and filling the house with their beautiful aroma...  Spring must be just around the corner.

My favourite flower....or maybe it's a tie between Daphne and Hyacinths....I can't split them.

Create: While I haven't had the time to spend on my own creative projects, I have been teaching my eldest daughter how to knit...I found this simple throw pattern which is knitted with 3 strands of 12 ply on big needles and knits up in no time...she is very chuffed to have created her own blanket in such a short time...I think she has finally found the joy of knitting......
My daughters rug is this pattern but in Teal, Grey and Cream...her new home colours
 Discover:    This month the crisis facing many countries overseas was overshadowed by the tragedy of flight M17... This horrific event deservedly received world wide attention for weeks with many Australians being victims of this atrocity....yet wars, death, destruction, starvation and man's inhumanity to man continue daily and hardly a tear is shed here for their appears if it doesn't involve Australian's we don't appear to care so much ....a discovery I wish I had the power to change.
Enhance:  My husband turned 60 this month as we celebrated with a big party at his Golf Club....the evening would not have been the same without the appearance of Batman !!!  He certainly enhanced our enjoyment.....just as he enhances our lives ..he is quite the character.   
What would a party be without the guest appearance of Batman.
 Enjoy:  The July luncheon was hosted by the big K and Robyn....the theme was comfort food.... entrée was Cauliflower soup from J&M...have to say I am not a fan of cauliflower but this was one of the most delicious soups I have ever had....tracking down the recipe which I will put up as it is so tasty and a great way to eat cauliflower...Main was Maple Glazed Lamb shanks ..once again the big K excelled himself, it was scrumptious...desert from Jan & Al was sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and toffee thingy...YUM...I got the easy bit, I just had to make bread and I also made the roast pumpkin hummus and crackers... very comfortable afternoon all up !!

Worlds best cauliflower soup...flavours of mustard and
Beautiful sticky Maple Glazed Shanks, onion, potatoes and fresh green beans!!

Goes without saying....delicious sticky date PUD !!!
The diners all looking very comfortable I have to say...

 So that's the month as it was.....lots to look forward to in August....stay warm, enjoy what's left of Winter.  Hug someone close to you and spare a thought for those less fortunate.