Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Another Christmas has arrived.....very exciting this year as the G Baby is nearly 2 and old enough to know whats going on....I am a lover of tradition and every year we spend Christmas Eve with some wonderful family friends, unfortunately this year one of our beautiful friends is fighting cancer and currently not well enough for them to come....we will be thinking of them as we spend the evening  watching Carols by Candlelight without them, and rating the dresses on the female singers, but no champagne this  year ....we've had some great laughs with them over the years.,  My greatest wish is that my friend H recovers and that next year we are celebrating with the champagne as we always do.

Christmas day will bring the arrival of all the family to our place for lunch....Pork in the weber, ham and turkey daughters christmas pudding and my mum's apple crumble with custard and cream.....we wouldn't have it any other way.,.....peace and joy to all.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Maison du Poulet

This is our hen house for the girls....first time raising chickens and I absolutely love them..they are such a joy to watch scratching we get eggs many in fact I keep all the family supplied and I love to take them as a gift when we visit friends...

My first blog ...

Here I go with my very first blog....we have moved to the hills in Emerald Victoria to live a sustainble, simple and environmentally friendly life....well as eco as we can.  Have been following several great bloggers on line and thought I would have a go myself. ..can use this blog to continually motivate myself to persue the dream of a simple, creative, sustainable and beautiful life with the veggies, chickens, writing, painting, crafting, knitting, saving the planet etc......have been here several months now and the chickens and veggies are going pretty is good..