Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Few of My Favourite Things ......!!

Spring has arrived in a flurry and the garden is alive with bees, birds, lizards and insects...was so excited to find our Japanese Maple absolutely dripping with ladybugs....they've arrived in time for the annual aphid infestation I think.  They are mating and laying eggs all over the tree...I have done a bit of a google and they are 'Harmonica Conformis' or the large spotted ladybug.  We use no chemicals at all in the garden and vegie beds and the earth is full of worms, the borage and lavender humming with bees and now the ladybugs!!.....We have installed a habitat pond but as yet no frogs...hopefully they will arrive soon.

Ladybug and her eggs...the tree is crawling with baby ladybugs
They were busy doing what ladybugs do....quite a few of them were in threesomes?

All of the fruit trees have blossomed and hopefully the bees all do their thing and we have loads of fruit this season.
Apple Blossoms...hope this means lots of fruit!
An early Spring morning shot driving past the small lake at the end of the was so beautiful in this light with the morning mist rising off the water....lots of new baby duckling swimming around there now.
The lake at the bottom of the hill.
 This dog of mine is such a gentle laid back beast......she is so relaxed ...spends most of her time lying near me wherever I am....She needed a clip and a bath....the glasses stayed on for ages!

Daisy....Crazy hair and a pair of my glasses.
After a trip to the groomers it was time for a snooze on the couch....she's hilarious !!  when she gets into these positions I always do a quick check to make sure she can breath with her face stuffed into pillows. 
It's a hard life !!
A travelled by train to Melbourne and met a friend for the MOMA exhibition at the art gallery....I'm not really a big fan of modern art, I guess it's all in the understanding of what the artist is trying to say....but I did love this huge piece from Ghanaian artist El Anatsui ... a sculpture made from liquor bottle tops and seals discarded by Nigerian distilleries.  Anatsui and his assistants flattened, folded & linked the pieces together with copper wire....I thought it was spectacular, and my favourite modern piece.

Europeans used alcohol to barter for African goods and it became a key commodity in the transatlantic slave trade.
 It is always great to see original art from famous painters that we rarely get to see here .
I took a few pics of some of the great names..

Don't love Picasso but great to see an original

I love Frida of her self portraits was on display

Van Gogh's famous portrait of a postman....I love some of his other major works

The original Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

That about wraps it favourite things for September and October.....!!