Thursday, 26 June 2014

Money, Money,Money.........

 I'm going to open a great big can of worms here because there is so much information out there about saving money and being frugal...I watched a you tube from a Current Affair about a family who have a grocery bill of $270 per month and they have paid off their mortgage in 5 years on $40k total income per year.....I can appreciate their commitment and dedication to their lifestyle but for me the issue is LIFESTYLE.  I don't know how they have managed to do this...firstly I admit saving money is not my strong point.....but for me being reduced to budget meals that have travelled who knows how far with ingredients that contain  who knows what doesn't seem worth what appeared to be this manic need to avoid spending money.  I don't want to eat 2 minute noodles or have 50 cans of soup from Aldi in my pantry...I understand low income families have to make cost effective choices and low priced items become a necessity ...but this family appear to have chosen to work 3 days a week between them and have adjusted their spending accordingly I guess....  Along with many others I've made a conscious commitment to reduce my carbon organic food and ethically raised and treated local and community traders...avoid waste... we compost...we recycle...don't use chemicals in the home or on our bodies or in the garden........I don't want to waste money and have made a commitment to pay off our mortgage as soon as possible.....but not at the expense of our health and the planet..We live a fairly simple life but if we want to celebrate with friends by eating out occasionally we will, local businesses need our support....I am prepared to pay more for food that has been sourced ethically (fair trade) ...when I buy clothes or gifts I avoid items produced in sweatshops....I totally understand that low income families may not be able to make these choices but I would encourage even the most frugal out there to make decisions with their health and the environment at the base of their spending choices.

Poor Daisy was sick after her visit to the groomers....I think she reacts badly to the worming tablets.

Yesterday the girls had to be clipped and wormed and Daphne had to have her yearly heartworm and vaccination...all up cost $260 ....Yikes....but I have made a commitment to take care of my pets and it costs money... Keeping pets is not a frugal option , but I wouldn't be without them.

Daphne as always looks very nervous when I get the camera out....go figure

We've added 3 new garden beds to the vegie gardens boxes, soil and seedlings over $120...It still costs to grow your own.....could be done much cheaper I guess, but the boxes were on sale.

I certainly mean no offence to anyone out there who is struggling to make ends meet....I just think there is a lot to consider with regard to money....for me it is the root of all evil but unfortunately almost impossible to live without.....I want to enjoy the time I have on this earth while ensuring I take better care of it for the generations to come...My ramblings probably sound very naïve and may irritate those who have tight budgets...while every individual has the right to choose the path that best suits their finances and lifestyle.

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