Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How The Mighty Have Fallen......

I'm sure you've all experienced beginners luck at some stage.....well I sure have...or else there was divine intervention !!  I blogged recently about my amazing luck with the very first attempt at making a sponge....it was fabulous and I was beyond happy......take two....tried to make one for my daughter's birthday on Sunday....went as per the recipe this time...no forgotten egg yolks tossed in at the last minute....sadly this is the result....looked good coming out of the oven but, OH DEAR.......as the seconds passed she deflated like a hot air balloon....as did my joy !!  I'm not put off yet...I intend to give it another go and make the same mistakes as I made the first time....who knows .. ..anyone else had this problem...are sponges as difficult as every one says.... ??

It was a very sad looking sponge.....not sure what went wrong....perhaps the angels weren't on my side this time..


  1. Hi Suzie This just means that it needed a bit longer in the oven. I am sure you could cut it lower down to add the cream layer then fill the center with fruit and cream

  2. I don't think I've ever made a sponge myself or maybe years and years ago. Fiona sounds like she knows what she's doing. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane