Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Elusive Art of Thrifting......

 I enviously devour blogs where they have terrific details of the treasures they have found in op shops and markets....pre loved finds that make their way to new homes to be reused and repurposed.  I am starting to think this is an art form that I have yet to develop....I admit I struggle in an op shop to find items...I am not big on slogging away on rack after rack trying to find something.....will definitely have to work harder at this......I have however managed a bit of thrifting in my daughters wardrobe cleanout !!....while lots of goodies made their way to the donations bag I managed to free-cycle a few things for myself....a couple of clothing items that I will wear....and an old jumper that I am going to try and up-cycle into a cushion cover....even soap that she no longer wanted!!  Anything to avoid landfill.....very happy to have these items in my wardrobe.....will continue to try and avoid unnecessary purchases...helping the planet and my pocket !!

I really like this jumper that I thrifted from my daughters cast offs....one of the few items I grabbed.
Will try to up-cycle this old jumper into a knitted cushion cover...stay tuned.
Definitely was not going to let her put these cakes of soap in the rubbish....perfectly usable and smell great. !!
This scrappy little photo of myself and my two brothers was carried around in my mother's wallet for about 40 years....quite some time ago she was having a clear out and was going to toss it in the bin but I grabbed it, damaged as it was, I have had it pinned on my office noticeboard for several years and I often peak at it....I love it.....my hat, gloves and handbag....my brothers fresh faces and ties...we were off to my auntie's wedding...priceless !!  
It's way past the stage of restoration and is only about 2" square, but I love it......around 1965 I think !!
While I wouldn't technically call myself a Buddhist I love what it stands for ...I have a lovely set of cards in a display box that was given to me years ago....I keep them on my office desk and often change them ....I turned this one today and I think it's a gem...it dates back to 1st century BC but the words still resonate today....we all need to keep watch for our world....tread gently and use if wisely.

Thoughts for today from the 1st century BC...


  1. Great idea to recycle that top into a cushion and I love love love the little photo of your and your brothers. Priceless and I can see why you love it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Thanks Kathy. Will see how the cushion goes.