Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Inspired in April......

I am continually inspired by posts that I read on other women's people's (sorry Gavin) blogs.  I recently read a blog from Kathy where she shared the intimate and painful story of her journey towards living a simple life and I realised that everyone has a starting point at which time they make the decision to change their life......mine began in 2009 when I sat down and took stock of what I wanted to change in my life and then took the steps to introduce them.
My life map from 2009.....it's well travelled but these pencil scratching's were the start of something wonderful...
 We had recently moved to a brand new modern home in Berwick and had a back yard the size of a postage stamp...Like Kathy I started with two little vegie beds and new that I wanted more !!....it wasn't long before I realised that my desire to grow my own vegies, raise chickens and grow fruit trees was not going to be achievable on this little patch of dirt .....so the hunt began to find where it could be achieved....just had to get my man on board !!

My first little vegie garden.....it grew really well but just didn't have enough space for what I dreamed of....
 While in Berwick I learnt how to make my own bread......which was a baby step at the beginning of the journey.....chooks were still just a gleam in my eye....we had about 3 metres of grass in the backyard....would not have made for happy chooks !!

A "no knead" bread making course and I was off ......I now use a bread maker as it is so much easier ...
Amazingly "A slice of organic life" found it's way into both mine and Kathy's life.  I found it in a second hand bookshop read it from cover to cover and knew that is was the lifestyle I wanted ....a couple of books from Jackie French and the plans were beginning to take shape.

After lots of searching and trying to keep within our budget I found the place I was looking for.....the house needed quite a bit of tender loving care and renovation (almost finished)...but a flat block in the hills is a rare find.... Looking back now I think I should have searched for a larger block but I think I was a bit fearful of taking on more than I could chew.....if I only knew how much I would love growing food and raising chooks and living this simple life....would have loved room for livestock....maybe next time !!

I've been here in the hills for just over 2 years now.....I love this life.....simple isn't necessarily easy but it is extremely rewarding....Autumn is beautiful up here...I've just harvested the pumpkins...27 pumpkins should keep us going for quite a while...my man picked up a metre of mushroom compost/soil mix which is patiently waiting for me to top up the garden beds as they empty to prepare them for the new seasons plantings.......who would think a pile of dirt could give me so much joy !!

Mushroom compost and soil mixture ......just sitting there waiting to be put to good use in the garden beds....
 Once the pumpkin patch was cleared of all the dying vines the girls got into it and had a great time digging out all the goodies ....including a big fat earth worm that was about 6inches long...bit of a fight over him...

The feathered girls helping in the garden....one of my fluffy girls also tried to give them a hand....!!

Whatever life you choose to live.... the journey starts with inspiration from those around you.  I love checking in on the blogs I follow and see what everyone has been up to...like minded people travelling a similar path.  Happy trails everyone.


  1. Suzie I love your "map" that you did for how you want your life to look back in 2009. I also loved the loaf of bread, wondering if you have posted your recipe on your blog somewhere. It certainly looks delicious and the chooks look very happy to dig up your veggie patch. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Those chooks look like they are having a great time hunting for goodies. The map you drew is great an we are about to "try" and do something similar as a couple about our move to NZ so it will be an interesting experiment.