Thursday, 3 April 2014

Eco Evolution .....

When I made the conscious decision to be responsible for my impact on the planet and started living this warm and wonderful simple life I felt empowered to try to convince others.....I soon realised that the progress to get others on board with simple changes would not be an easy thing.....however I am noticing now that little by little family and friends are starting to get what I am trying to do (instead of just thinking I've turned into an old hippy !!...who I think had it right all along...)  ....they still stir me up relentlessly but I am noticing at gift giving times a lot more thought has gone into the gifts I receive....and recycled wrapping and brown paper packaging is experience's such as holiday weekends and theatre tickets are gifts like native plants, fruit trees and rose bushes....recycled and fair trade gifts ...friends are consciously adding organics to the meals when we visit....they love receiving my home grown veg and eggs....several of them are keen to start growing their own veggies after seeing my garden beds....perhaps its going to be an evolution not a revolution..!!
A Burt's Bees gift pack and a fancy eco candle...although way to much packaging ...they are on the right track.
Companies sometimes only get it half right....there was a lot of packing containing a beautiful sustainble candle....

I was gifted  2 lovely vintage plates to add to my collection.....I love my mixed up dinner sets.....

  2 beautiful standard roses from my is called Fathers Love and the other is Grandma's Love....very appropriate I thought....had just the perfect place for them.
A girlfriend knows of my love for organic herbal teas.....handy little gift idea......
It is better to give than receive.....but I am really happy to receive gifts that are not only thoughtful but sustainable and organic....hoping everyone out there gives a thought to not just the gifts they give but also what they receive.


  1. Glad you liked my Burt's Bees :)

  2. I find that funny and nice at the same time. My girlfriend and I are on the same page with this simple living and my other dear friends think I'm mad that I want to make soap. My girlfriend and I did a preserving course and her girlfriends got her a preserving book , apron for her birthday which she loved. These are her friends that think she's mad and she doesn't share all those ideas with them that she shares with me because I'm on the same page as her and in fact she is the one that moved to acreage close by. Her receiving those things from her friends meant a lot because she could use them and wanted them. It looks like you are finding similar things. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia