Thursday, 10 April 2014

Puddles and Procrastination....

It's official , I am over this rainy weather....four days of continuous rain up here has taken it's toll....I am sorely missing that big golden orb in the sky...I need sunshine to help me stay motivated and prevent the dirty P word.....that's right....procrastination pops its ugly head up when I lose my mojo....this type of weather just makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good is so dreary outside today...even the chooks are over it....they are wet and muddy and looking for shelter under the bushes....there was lots I wanted to achieve today including planting a few seedlings...I have  a couple of baskets of wet washing that I need to hang out...but it's so miserable out there they are still waiting....I work from home so feel especially isolated when I can't get out into the garden.....I guess I shouldn't complain when Qld is expecting a cyclone....must try to think happy sunny thoughts....!!
There has been so much rain today it filled the wheelbarrow....don't have a rain gauge but I think that's a lot of rain !!

the feathered girls are wet and miserable.
Poor Doreen is huddled under a camellia bush....usually strutting around the yard eating.....
 As part of my healthy routine today's lunch was supposed to be fruit and yoghurt....I shouldn't blame the weather but todays yoghurt and fruit somehow turned into a BLT with avocado...cold lunch just wasn't going to cut it today......perhaps I should just light the fire, get that book and curl up !!

Delicious BLT for lunch.. with home grown tomatoes, lettuce and relish.....


  1. I hope those happy sunny thoughts have done the trick!

  2. Hi Suzie. Love your blog! I can see I will be spending alot of time here this afternoon. We are getting tons of rain too so I have been making soup :)

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