Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Seasonal Living.....

A book I ordered after seeing it recommended on a blog was delivered this week....have had my nose buried in it ever since it arrived.  It offers up advice on how to live in accordance with ,  nature and your soul...adhering to seasonal and yearly rhythms and living simple and natural lives, honouring yourself and nature....as with all of these type of books some of it is a little unrealistic but have certainly enjoyed reading it and will definitely try to stick to the parts I find relevant to myself .

One of the themes is mindfulness and being in every moment...this is the sunrise from my bedroom window this morning...just glorious but I don't usually make the time to enjoy it....I took the time to really embrace the beauty ...well worth it.

Beautiful sunrise seen from my bedroom window.
 The Winter Solstice has come and gone and I really want to feel the connection with the seasons and the cycles of the moon which is covered in some depth in the book.....It says Winter is the time for hibernation, rest, reflections and preparation.  The books highlights how the pull of the moon affects us and I have to admit I personally find it very hard to sleep when it's a full moon...apparently this is very common....so much to think about.

the book involves taking the time to ask yourself lots of questions to help connect yourself to what is essential ...... nurture the body, invigorate the mind and lift the spirit. Sounds good to me.