Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What To Do About Must Haves .....!!

The no plastic July challenge is coming up....I am going to get involved this year and give it all I've got...some great information shared by Tammy from Gippsland Unwrapped is terracycle ... it's a great website to join to help with recycling the things that seem impossible to give toothpaste !! I have very sensitive teeth and no amount of home made paste is going to help with that.  I find there are some things that are unavoidable and the angst associated with "what to do with the packaging" has been a genuine terracycle  you can drop off or send your items to them (for free) to be recycled...I love this.
Empty toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, dental floss cases can all be recycled

I run a small business from home and receive quite a few express post bags and mail satchels (completely out of my control as people send water testing kits and samples)... this plastic can also be dropped off / sent to terracycle for recycling....there are several other product groups that can be recycled including plastic cleaning product spray packs and pump packs.... well worth joining their project and making sure that the things you find difficult to replace without the use of plastic can still be recycled and not sent to landfill...
Plastic satchels, post packs can be sent to terracyle where they are recycled.
Something that I always find poses difficulties for eco solutions is parties....I threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my lovely brother on for 35 poses lots of decisions regarding plates, cutlery, cups, decorations etc....I decorated with paper lanterns I had saved from my gboy's baby shower over 5 years ago!!.... re-purposed decorations from his birthday party in March and my daughters party last month...she also had left over paper plates (pink with white polka dots no less) , napkins and plastic forks....they were all going to be binned so I had to weigh up the choice of them going into the bin or being used for my brother's made sense to use them and I added some bamboo paper plates which are sold as eco but I still think china plates, cutlery and cloth napkins would have been better.....but it seemed so much worse to throw unused items away rather than use them....the rubbish that went into our bin at the end of the day was upsetting though!
Speeches .....I think Rob has forgiven me for surprising him with a 60th Party.
I'm sure difficulties will arise in July but I hope that I can find solutions to drastically reduce (if not completely eliminate) the amount of plastic that enters and leaves our home.


  1. Hi Suzie, I have to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth too and now I know where I can find out what to do with the empty tubes!

    1. Glad I could help....there's so much great information out there.