Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Au Revoir Autumn.....Welcome Winter !!

The last days of May here in Drouin were crisp as we headed into Winter.....but the sun still put in an appearance most days....A lovely autumn day trip to Warburton with the girls was a real treat....the walking path along the river is so beautiful.....enjoyed lunch and bought delicious home made pies which we had for dinner.
My man with the girls...they loved the walk with all the new smells...lots of distractions

Warburton township is so beautiful...the river is a major attraction.
The Lake/Pond  around the corner from our house has a visitor who arrives most days and spends several hours dipping his head in and for whatever.....  I was astounded that we would have a pelican so far from the coast....swimming around on this small himself....It's a real joy to see him there ....usually its just all the local ducks.
Fishing in the Pond.
He appears not in the least disturbed by me taking his picture.
This month I also joined the group at Baw Baw Beekeepers.....I am keen to get my own hive set up and the members share lots of useful information ...and discuss any issues they are experiencing....a really diverse group and a great bunch of people ....My first meeting and it was a honey tasting from everyone's hives!!!....amazing how different they tasted.... a great experience....I was actually able to detect an orange blossom favourite...among the 24 was the only one I was able to guess by taste......delicious.

My eldest daughter also celebrates her birthday in May.....(yes I have two Taureans!! ).....We all shared a lovely dinner at her favourite local meal for the birthday girl, who can resist gorgeous gboy pulled his goofy look....can't resist adding his recent school photo to show his beautiful face......I love this little guy so much...I miss my Monday's minding him now he has started school. 

His fresh faced smile.......gorgeous
Birthday celebrations ....


  1. The Bee Keeping meeting sounded interesting and how great to meet the locals, get to taste the honey and get some advice at the same time. Sounds wonderful. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Really enjoying living in Gippsland Kathy...there's always a lot going on. Am really keen to get my bees now.