Saturday, 8 October 2016

Time is a Healer...

It's been a few months since I have been on this space.  After an exacerbation of his illness and 4 weeks spent in the hospital, doctor's advised that Dad needed to go into a nursing home. .... He was very resistant and unhappy about the situation and along with dad it was extremely difficult for myself and the family, but we had no alternative due to the amount of care he required.  An eight week struggle ended on 22nd September and dad passed away  in hospital with mum and I holding his hand and my daughters with us.  I played Doris Day songs to him as she was his favourite......I hope we gave him the much needed comfort as he slipped away.....old age is not for the faint hearted ....... and my heartbreak is tinged with relief that dad's suffering is finally over and he is at peace.


  1. Such a hard time for everybody. Big Hugs. XXX

  2. The love and the gentleness of family is a great comfort, Suzie, in all that we go through in life. I'm sure your Dad knew how much you all loved him.
    Take care. Meg.

  3. It is a difficult time. I've been watching my own folks care and make decisions for and with my maternal and paternal grandmother's and my paternal aunt. Both my Dad's Mum and aunt passed away not far from that decision to enter residential care. My Mum's Mum is up and down with it, but more recently, as the change becomes a new norm, down. It's triggered a lot of conversation about how my Mum and Dad, and an Aunt, want to be cared for and as my partner is older than me, conversations here at home too. I am sorry for your Dad's passing and hope that the strength of family is there to hold him dear as you all grieve.