Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Small Steps to Sustainability.......

 I  get so tired of hearing people discount everything I do to try and reduce my impact on the environment and the wellbeing of the planet. I'm told that one person can't make a difference, I'm told that there is no proof that the food I am buying is organic....that I am wasting my time and my money...I'm told we will all pay more for everything if there is a carbon tax....the list goes on.  Yes we will pay more for stuff if there is a carbon tax...and so we should if it makes us consciously reduce what we do.... I have no guarantee that the fruit and vegies I buy are organic but the imperfections on pesticide free fruit and vegies is a dead giveaway....organic food is not as pretty as the chemically treated variety...Do I believe one person can make a difference....possibly not...I know that everything I do can be easily undone by someone else....but if everyone did at least a few simple things...then yes it would make a great difference....we need to reduce our consumption ...the planet cannot continue to sustain our existence if we don't.

Rinsed out zip lock bags ready to re-use....

Is it a bit weird to rinse out zip lock bags to re-use them....I hate buying anything made of plastic but I use them in the freezer.  If I can use them again and again it reduces the need for more plastic.  It's not hard to do and I think every little bit helps.  Everyone can do things to live more sustainably .
  1. Eat Less Meat , have meat free meals as often as possible
  2. Refuse plastic bags, reusable shopping bags are cheap , no excuses
  3. Recycling , have a separate bin for recyclables
  4. Composting, have a scrap bucket in the kitchen for scraps for the compost
  5. Don't use takeaway cups, plastic cutlery or paper napkins
  6. Avoid over- packaged foods
  7. Use hankies not tissues, cloth napkins not paper
  8. Don't buy bottled water in plastic bottles, carry water from home in eco bottles
  9. Don't replace mobiles, I-pods, I-pads and gadgets just to update
  10. Use recycled toilet paper, printing paper, paper towels (if you have to use them)
These suggestions are nothing new and they are not hard.  You just have to want to make a difference.  Your grandchildren will thank you someday.

Fresh organic apple, orange, carrot and ginger juice.....this afternoon's pick me up

I'll continue to buy my organic fruit and vegies.  I don't buy chemicals to clean the house, I use eco products but I may decide to make my own in the future.  I use organic face and hair products where possible.  I'll continue to reuse, recycle and reduce at every opportunity and try to encourage others to do the same.  I don't want my grandson's generation left to deal with the mess we have made.

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