Monday, 11 February 2013

Very busy Saturday morning.....

Tomatoes dipped quickly into boiling water

Peeled skins off and placed in pot to cook till soft

Passed through a seive to make the Passata

Not bad for a mornings work !!
Wow, what a busy Saturday morning I had.....finally had enough ripe tomatoes to give the Passata making a go......very easy....only made two containers for the freezer but was a great practice for when I have heaps of ripe toms.......also baked a loaf of bread.....made a fruit cake from my Auntie Joyce's family recipe which has been handed down a few generations....used up zucchini overload by making muffins and zucchini soup....delicious soup,......recipe off the internet, added a bit of cooked bacon and croutons when great to make food from scratch...very new to this experience and absolutely enjoy the process....especially when some of the produce has been grown in my own garden.....amazing !!

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