Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another beautiful summers day

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past great to get out into the garden and let the girls out to free range in the backyard.....they are so funny to watch...another of the girls has gone broody, but there will be no more fertilized eggs to pop under her ....been there and done that....not sure if the two 9 week old babies are girls or boys....they are starting to act a little agressive so I think they may be roosters.  This will be a problem......have to find them a new home if that is the case.  The Isa Browns don't seem to go clucky at all, but both of the light sussex go broody from time to time...they make great mums though.  The chicks are still nesting with mum at night even though they are pretty big now.  Hope she won't be too sad if I have to give them away.    The vegie garden is still proving very prolific......the tomato vines are almost touching the ground they are so laden and this morning I was happy to see that a new fruit is on the Qld blue pumpkin has a lot of catching up to do with the other two monsters that are already growing.

Will be adding another four raised garden beds this is quite addictive........I just want to plant more and more crops and watch them grow......amazing.  My friends and family are reaping the rewards as the oversupply of goodies is making its way to them....I made the beginners mistake of planting all the seedlings at once instead of staggering the planting, so I have a plethora of produce all at once.....currently looking up recipes for preserving tomatoes.....have loads of them and will have a try at bottling usual, have not done this before so will see how it goes...fingers crossed... next season I will stagger the planting and hopefully have a steady supply instead.

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