Monday, 18 February 2013

Everyday Composting

The need to reduce the amount of rubbish put into the bin and to make good fertilizer for the garden is helped along by composting.....I'm not a compost nazi, but I do put all vegie peels, tea bags, and other scraps (not cooked, meat or dairy etc.) into a bin in the house which is then transferred to the outdoor compost bins, which will be put into the garden beds when they have decomposed. .....I also have the worm farm which uses the kitchen scraps, tea bags, wet cardboard and especially avocado peels...the worms just love the is going along nicely now and producing plenty of worm tea which goes onto the vegie beds.....did go a bit sour for a while but used a handful of garden lime and this removed the smell......every little bit helps to save the environment and reduce landfill....

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