Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Those Darn Apron Strings .....

Is it ever to late to have an epiphany about your relationship with your children??....Recently I have realised that I still try to control  advise my adult daughters occasionally.......always unintentionally ....but now finally understand how frustrating this must be for them.   They are grown women and I need to let them make their own decisions regardless of what I think...and stop voicing my own opinions on how they do things....my comments are always efforts to help them and protect them....but it really is time to cut the apron strings and let my beautiful girls live their lives without mum's two cents worth giving them grief....let them work things out in their own way and stop trying to protect them (from whatever it is I am trying to protect them from?).....It's time to realise that perhaps mum doesn't always know best....even though she thinks she does.

Letting go is never easy....but it feels good to finally recognise it .


  1. Such a hard decision but its true when they get to a certain age we have to let them make their own choices they have to learn and gain experience and make mistakes like we all do to get them to where they need to be in life, bless you, dee

  2. We've just had my stepdaughter and her one-year-old son move back into our place after a disastrous relationship. One of the hardest things to watch is her dependence - on us now and on her husband then. Cutting the apron strings is not coming easy to my partner, also not easy to watch, especially when the emotional demands of a mentally battered young woman and her bub's needs are high.