Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Keeping it Simple......

I had a quick burst of zucchini's which now unfortunately seem to have halted...I think it's the weather...very hot and very windy days are not the friend of many of the vegies in the garden.....did manage to make a vegie lasagne using up the four zucchini's I had managed to grow...had a mixed "left over" vegie layer, pumpkin, tomato and zucchini and a spinach and ricotta layer...topped off with cheese sauce.... washed down with a glass of sav blanc....not too shabby !
Last night's vegie lasagne....wasn't brave enough to make my own lasagne sheets just yet !

All the vegies are good for you....not so sure about all that lovely  melted cheese though.
The old charmer over the back fence is back from his Queensland holiday and popped his head over when I was out feeding the feathered girls......he had a couple of ears of corn he had grown so I swapped him for a capsicum from my garden.....he also bought over  a pile of silverbeet that went to seed while he was away which he tossed to the chooks....we talked tomatoes and cucumbers before he  headed back tomatoes are a bit lacklustre.....there are tomatoes but the plants are still very small....hhmmmmm....I am blaming the weather again !!...although old Les tells me it's because I'm not planting basil next to them and using magnetics like he is.......maybe next year.

Tomato and chilli from my garden....swapped the neighbours corn cobs  for one of my capsicums.
 Today was also bath the dogs day......they hate the bath and it is quite the struggle....I think I get more water on me and the laundry than I get on result is two lovely white fluffy girls....impossible to get a picture of them together....they won't sit still long enough....they are a pair of characters and nothing alike in easy going and one very highly strung...I have a favourite...I know's wrong....but they don't know so it's ok....I love them both.
Daisy always smiling...
Daphne  nervous as always....


  1. I am blaming the weather for my garden too. My eggplants are doing ok but something is eating the leaves on my cucumber so after a bumper start they are now struggling.

  2. It's all struggling here...even the tomatoes are very slow to take off. It's just so hot.

  3. The girls look so cute! Lucky Daphne is my favorite so she doesn't feel left out...! #mumlovesdaisymore xx