Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Quest for a Simpler Life....

It's been nearly two months since I've been in the mood to update my much has happened that has drained a lot of energy and taken a large chunk of my life.....hopefully much of it is now almost resolved...have had an aged care assessment on my dad which will hopefully improve not just my parents quality of life but mine also !....we have moved to the new house 3 weeks ago and all is now going much drama with Telstra/Internet and still missing my mail redirection from Australia Post..3 weeks and still waiting !! seemed like my dream of an even simpler life was never going to happen....but I think it finally man and I are now debt free and can't believe the feeling that it brings. We are now furiously planting out the back yard and I am joining a permaculture group so that we can be a little self sufficient in the garden.

First things first we organised the new accommodation for the feathered's a much better set up now and the ladies are very happy with their new digs.

the coop and custom built chicken run.......I traded some bookkeeping with a builder and he built the run in exchange.
 The yard has a few overgrown garden beds which were covered in weeds and we found some struggling strawberry plants which we managed to resurrect and they are going pretty well now in what I loosely term "the strawberry patch".

the resurrected strawberry patch.....hopefully some strawberries coming our way soon.

lovely little nest in amongst the rose hips......
Found a delightful surprise behind the rose bush that runs along the back fence.......when the little lady got off her nest I snapped a quick pic of her 3 baby blue eggs...not sure what type of bird she is but the nest is beautiful and a lovely reminder that Spring is still in the air.

Three little eggs......I'll keep my eye on them for when they hatch
Have meet quite a few local country characters since we've moved elderly chap out the back who is apparently the best tomato grower in the district....or so he says !...Les is 78 years old and quite the old charmer....will definitely be taking gardening tips from him.