Thursday, 10 December 2015

Lovin' the Country Life.....

Since moving to Gippsland I am falling in love with the country's just amazing here.  The locals are incredibly easy going and friendly...even the Real Estate agent who sold us the house called around for a chat and to see how we were settling in...and did I mention the markets ..... every weekend there is a local market here and the surrounding far I've tackled Drouin, Warragul , Rokeby and Yarragon....lovely little markets...while they are no Red Hill they are lovely and quirky in their own way.

Gorgeous morning tea at a lovely café in Yarragon....china tea cups for my green tea  ...yay  !!!
 Last weekend was our monthly catch up with friends and the big K and Robbie were the hosts....we had a Christmas celebration and as usual loads of delicious food.

J and A surprised us with festive dips!!...spinach and beetroot inspired by Karen Martini no less...delicious
I took along a Christmas Trifle...yes I know a bit daggy...but it was a festive theme with red and green jelly.....forgot to get a pic before we ate it. 
Turducken ( I think that's it), home smoked ham and amazing vegies from the hosts and J & M...scrumptious !
 With Christmas almost here and so much celebrating and drinking ahead I am trying to eat a healthy lunch each day to combat all those calories.....delicious salad two days in a row now...that's a record for me I think.
Healthy salads for lunch...including my home grown sprouts.
 Got my sprouter up and running....have grown alfalfa and broccoli sprouts....was a bit surprised by how funky the broccoli sprouts smelt...thought I had done something weird...but apparently they always smell a bit pungent....they taste great and I am happily adding them to my salads.
All good in the sprouter...they pop up in a couple of days...very easy.
 My lovely old neighbour over the back fence popped in yesterday morning ...early !!...knocked on my back door with a feed of rainbow chard and rhubarb ...... I gave him 1/2 dozen eggs the other day and he was pretty chuffed....I love country people.
Home goodies from new gardening buddy...he's 78 and loves his vegie garden.
We have a fantastic blackberry patch in the garden...complete with bird netting....which we inherited when we moved has the biggest blackberries I have ever seen and they are delicious. Can't wait until all the stuff I've planted gets going....hopefully not too long.
Blackberries and eggs.....not much in the vegie patch yet but hopefully soon !
Our neighbour over the road...Leo the ex minister....just brought my bins up the driveway and left giving me a big wave through my glass front door......... Lovin' this country life.

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