Friday, 4 September 2015

Unexpected inspiration......

At writing group this afternoon we had a visitor who had arranged to sit in on our class.  She was the most amazing young Indonesian Islamic woman who has written and published four can read about her here Okky Madasari ...... is in Australia for 4 weeks and arranged to attend our group through the community house who run the course.  It was sobering to hear her speak of the issues facing her country....population of 200 million......mind boggling for such a small island......around 90% are Islamic.    I only wish those among us who spread hatred for the Muslim community could hear from someone like Okky. This gentle, highly educated, well spoken woman is a credit to her people.....It was eye opening to hear her talk of the problems in Indonesia including fundamentalist Muslim groups terrorising moderate Indonesian residents...she has also just travelled through Germany promoting her book and has seen first hand the issues facing the refugees on the borders.  The humanitarian crises around the world is something that we Australians should not turn our backs on.  It's an enormous problem that needs a united global solution.
 Okky Madasari  is an Indonesian author and journalist. She won an Indonesian major and most celebrated literary prize, Khatulistiwa Literary Award, in 2012 for her third novel, Maryam. At the age of 28, she is the youngest ever to win this prestigious award. Her novels were shortlisted three years in a row by the same award.

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