Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Aging Gracefully.......

I had the misfortune the other day to be sitting in a waiting room and the TV was on one of the morning programs and they were all excited about a new eye cream that someone has invented that when applied instantly begins to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes.  The effect lasts for up to 8 hours the spokesperson went on excitedly, and yes you could actually see the skin tightening when the camera was on the models face.  All I could think of was why would anyone want their wrinkles gone for just 8 hours and how much are they prepared to pay for that.  The fascination with how we look really is an eye opener.  I guess I am on a bit of a bandwagon since I made the decision to let my hair go grey....would like to think that I will let myself age gracefully without the need for surgical, lifting, plumping, or magical potion assistance.  Mother nature truly has taken care of us as we age....greying hair is supposedly less harsh against a women's skin and our eyesight gradually weakens so our wrinkles and nasty bits are not so for us easy to pinpoint. The media and cosmetic industry would like us all to think there is something wrong with aging.
Eileen Kramer the most amazing woman is still dancing at 100 years of age.
I happened to tune into Compass on the ABC the other night and saw the most fabulous story about a truly amazing woman. Eileen Kramer is 100 years old and still teaching dancing and also dancing herself.  She is a beautifully eccentric woman who has lived an amazing life.  Her story is truly inspiring.  We could all take a leaf out of this ladies book.

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  1. Suzie I am in my 30s and do not dye my hair so the greys are peeking through. At my age I feel a lot of pressure to dye my hair but I am doing my best to fight the urge to fit in with the norm.