Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Perfect Day.....

We spent Monday at the Zoo celebrating my Gboy's 4th birthday.....he wore his superman costume which he has already grown out of .... he is a very tall four year old...but so cute !! He has Batman, Superman, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Spiderman and now Captain America costumes...he loves super heroes
We all had a cupcake for his birthday....he had superman...what else !
He couldn't wait to take me into the butterfly enclosure as I had told him that it was my favourite exhibit and that the butterfly's would land on him....he was ecstatic when one landed on his cap.  He stood so still waiting for them to land on him.
I love this photo... the innocence in that little excited to have a butterfly land on him...
The Butterfly's are such amazing is definitely one of my favourite places to be..... I don't really like the idea of Zoo's as such...much prefer animals to be left where they belong....but I have to admit kids love seeing all the animals.... at least the enclosures are a long way from the cages that were at the zoo when I was a child.

Love the sentiment on this sign at the Zoo.....

The lion's were beautiful...even though I disagree with taking animals out of the wild....

 We had a great day and were lucky to enjoy lovely mild weather....sunny but not too hot...just perfect.  If you haven't been to the Melbourne Zoo recently it's well worth a visit...they have done an amazing amount of work there and are focusing on protecting endangered species and educating children about wildlife.


  1. I remember the butterfly enclosure from 15 + years ago and it was amazing back then. There is something magical about butterflies.

  2. The butterfly-on-the-cap shot is great! And those lions do look relaxed there. :)

  3. Oh, what a perfect little face he has! There's nothing like spending the day with your grandchild and it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.

    1. It was a lovely day Susan....he is just a delight.