Monday, 20 January 2014

It's the Little Things.....

I really think it is the little things that we do in life that make it so more youngest daughter has a busy life which includes nightshift work and we love to catch up over brunch at Cafe's in the is such a simple thing but so nice......

Took the time on the weekend (now that the weather has settled down) to plant some fruit trees.......The girls helped clear up the ground so that I could plant the Avocado tree....not sure how this will go but have been told by experts that there should be no problem......hopefully in a few years will have some avo's....yum..
The girls got very busy preparing the garden bed for the Avocado tree.....

Plenty of mulch and a bit of protection....apparently the experts (Pete the Permie)
tells me you need to protect the roots from nosy chooks scratching around.....
Hopefully one day I will have avocado's......YUM

Also planted a couple of apple trees....this is a blenheim orange....apparently
perfect for growing in our area....should see lovely apples in May...not sure what year !!
This apple tree is an Arkane...should produce apples in February...once again...
could be a bit of a wait....but how exciting when we do get an apple !!!
Also planted a Damson Plum tree....perfect for jam making.....this should bear fruit in
the next 12 months I have been told...hhhmmmm will wait and see... love plum jam !!
It is such a buzz for me to plant these fruit trees and see what happens....the thought of being able to pick apples, avocado, plums, apricots, lemons and figs from my own yard is something that I really would has been a dream that may come to fruition....see how they go...simple things but loads of pleasure.

How much fun can you get from a bag of your own wouldn't believe me !!
I just love, love, love picking vegies from the garden....our ancestors had it should grow anything you can, with whatever space you have....still in discussion with my man about digging up the front lawn...he's not that keen on me planting edibles in the yard....we may compromise and I will plant flowers that I can cut and bring into the flowers....I think I am a simple soul at heart...

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  1. I love our brunches too...but I hate that photo of me! Xx