Thursday, 16 January 2014

Heat Waves and Eco Guilt ......

Wow...summer has hit us with a bang......the heatwave this week has been exhausting....I have read blogs were those who care as much as I do about the environment haven't used their air cons because of the electricity usage....made me rethink my committment to the planet....bit of a conundrum really...I have used our evaportive cooling every day without a thought to the environmental impact....I'm feeling a little guilty but have had to weight it up members stayed with us as they didn't have cooling at their this a only solution to this dilema is get the solar panels on the roof as soon as possible....that way the power I use will be renewable and not increasing my carbon footprint....these type of issues will always be cause to reconsider what we do and how it impacts everything around us....I have also used plenty of water in the vegie gardens....cooled off the chooks with a quick hose....I don't have water tanks in place as yet...they are also on the list....weighing up water usage and sustainability of plants and animals......more food for thought...,..I have a serious case of Eco I practicing what I I green when it suits me....I have nothing but admiration for those who are so committed they don't use their air con when the temperature is over 40 deg.....the rest of us should still continue to do everything that they can....install solar and water tanks....that is my project for this year.
Pumpkins have survived the heatwave so far....a couple of pumpkins on it..

Tomatoes have had a big growth spurt during the heat....managed to keep them alive...

Zucchinis and beetroot all going well...beetroot needs to be picked and bottled...maybe
when the weather cools down next week.
Hopefully we have all survived the heat and risk of bushfire....the planet is warming and we can expect more episodes like this in the future....we all need to do our bit..I think every bit , no matter how small, if it contributes to the health  of the planet , is what you can.


  1. I have done the water tank thing. And the solar panels. But I drive a car around and also burn wood in an open fire as I have done for 32 years. I'm member of the human species that pillages Earth and seas and pollutes the sky as well. Where will it end, indeed. I shall die, that is certain. So does everyone. Some where is answer. But yes I agree, do what you can.

    1. Hey Carey, hope you had a good Christmas and new year. I try to keep a positive attitude that individuals can make a difference. Yes we will all die, but it's important to care about what the future generations will inherit. If everyone did what they can and became more aware, it would invoke change.

  2. Hi Suzie, just popped over to have a look at your blog after your visit to mine. Great minds think alike by the looks!! It was a tough week wasn't it, I think your heart is at least in the right place to be even mindful of the eco footprint so don't be too hard on yourself. Good luck with the rest of summer! Your vegies look great too. Cheers Jan