Wednesday, 11 May 2016

There Goes April.....!

The months are really flying by....there was so much I wanted to achieve in April but I haven't managed to quite get there.  I have joined the local Permaculture group...a lovely bunch of like minded people that meet once a month for discussion, food sharing and seed swaps.  I took along broccoli, eggs and capsicum and bought home a bag of quinces....tried my hand at making quince paste but didn't cook it quite long enough so didn't get the right texture...tastes great as stewed quinces with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast!

Lots to learn about permaculture....would love to put into practice in my backyard.
I took part in a yoga retreat for six days in Bali....Travelled to the village of Ubud in the mountains...absolutely amazing part of Bali...healthy eating and yoga twice a day...a very inspiring and spiritual experience which I hope to bring into practice at home.  While Bali would not be a place I would normally choose to visit, the Balinese people are warm, gracious and very spiritual.

The beautiful vintage bungalow that I stayed in at the Sharing Bali retreat
I had intended to do the volcano climb which was part of the retreat package....I made the sad realisation that I am not as fit as I would like to be....I didn't make the climb but did enjoy the spectacular scenery.  Better get on to a fitness regimen I think.
The view of the volcano from the hot springs.
 Everywhere you look in Bali there are religious offerings name it...they are a simple thing that really highlights the spiritual belief of the Balinese people.  along with the incense... I loved them.
The offering and blessing that was placed at my front door each morning.
 The retreat was amazing....Sharing Bali is a beautiful secluded sanctuary in the small village of Singaprang.  Outdoor bathrooms and vintage bungalows....fabulous yoga space...healthy food, no grains, red meat or dairy... a great detox.
The en-suite that came with the bungalow....quite an experience outdoor toilet and shower.
 I flew in from Bali the morning of my baby girl's 30th birthday party....We had a great celebration at a local hall...which she had organised and did a fantastic job.....helped by her sister who made her famous macarons and decorated the birthday cake...Can't believe my baby is all grown up..
Me and my baby girl.....all grown up.
 While I was away I managed to catch up on some reading.....The Harp in The South is an oldie but a goodie....was recommended by my writing teacher to help with the novel I am trying to write....I really enjoyed this one.  It is part of a trilogy by Ruth Park so I am keen to read the other two.

 My lovely first I'm choosing to call her, as apposed to my baby girl.....suggested The Diving Bell and the Butterfly as a good read for the plane is the remarkable story of Jean Dominique Bauby who is struck down with locked-in syndrome and only able to communicate by blinking his left eye.  Amazingly he manages to compose this memoir...I loved it.

So that was some of my have lots happening in the garden which I will hopefully post soon ....May has arrived and bought with her some wet and chilly days this doubt preparing us for the winter that will be here before we know it.  Enjoy the last few weeks of Autumn.


  1. It sounds as though you've been busy! Bali looks amazing!

    1. The retreat was a fabulous experience. Back to real life again now Laurie. :-)

  2. What an amazing month. I would love to do a yoga retreat.

    1. I really love yoga and the retreat was something I would highly recommend.... there is Yoga for expecting mums !!