Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Catching Up on March...

It's been a busy month...I've picked the last of the summer crops from the garden and cleared all the vegie beds and have started to replant with cooler weather crops...will post some pictures of the backyard later....we've done such a lot of work and it's almost finished now...yay.

the last of the summer vegies from the garden...
 I made my hot cross buns for Easter as usual ....however these ones look like they came from the Zombie apocalypse...don't know what went wrong with the crosses on top...very dodgy looking!  We ate them on Good Friday morning and put some in the freezer for later....maybe.
My sad looking hot cross buns....not sure what happened.
Went to an evening with the CWA girls on chooks and ducks....lots of good information but this little guy stole the show ...very cute and friendly.  Would love to have a couple of Indian Runner Ducks but not sure if I have the space....food for thought though.
If I could have ducks ...I'd go for an Indian Runner
Since moving to Drouin we are trying to get out and about visiting the country towns in and around Gippsland.....we took a quick afternoon trip to Walhalla...only 83km from us....WOW.....the road into the town is 11km of very sharp turns and hairpin corners .... and the only way in and out....but the historical gold mining township more than compensates for the journey....it is fabulous....we plan to go again and do an overnight stay as there is an old historical cemetery...(don't think I've ever mentioned how much I love old cemeteries)...which I would absolutely love to visit and read the headstones.
The town is full of beautiful old cottages from the 1870's .... Just gorgeous

I just love the details on old character homes......my dream home would be just like this.

The stores are all original and still very functional for the tourists who flock here.
The older I get the more I realise that time is fleeting....you need to look out for amazing moments in every day....my man and I experienced such a moment eating our lunch at a lovely cafĂ© in Walhalla when a kilted clad chap managed to get himself high up the mountainside and sent the haunting sound of his bagpipes resounding throughout the town...it was something very special.

A lone piper playing on an outcrop in Walhalla....amazing.
 Easter has been and gone and the first month of Autumn is just about done....the weather has turned a bit cool after our very late burst of summer heat.  I do however love the change of seasons don't you.


  1. It is worth making those day trips out and about. And those buns, they don't at all look like something from the gates of hell - they look divine. I bet they tasted it too.

  2. Sounds like a great activity to do to explore nearby little towns..I loved the pic of the Corner Store. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Hey Suzie, great to meet you - your blog is right up my alley. Love the pic of your harvest. I'm envious that you are able to plant for Autumn now...it's still hot and humid in Brissie. I'm not planting till the end of April unfortunately. Looking forward to reading your posts.

    1. Thanks Jem...popped over to your blog and it's amazing...will definitely follow you. I am joining the West Gippsland permaculture group this week...can't wait. Thanks for popping in.

  4. Oh Wow what a beautiful village those cottages are gorgeous and so quirky I adore the picket fences looks like they had some wonderful gardens attached to them to. Love your vegetable photo so colourful and fresh. I am will you about embracing the special moments that can be found each day. I was once married to a Scottish man and we had the bagpipes play at our wedding they are indeed a wonderful sound and I can just imagine them coming down from that hillside special indeed. I love the changing seasons to but I quite happily live in the summer months every day of the year :-) dee

    1. I am married to a Scotsman so the bagpipes were pretty special. x