Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Getting our Greek on .....

Our monthly lunch was delightfully hosted by J&M on Sunday and the general theme was all things Greek !!  There were all the usual suspects...Lamb, eggplants and yoghurt topped off with garlic.

Entrée from the Big K and Robbie...Eggplant dish..YUM.. (everything grown in their garden!)
The hosts served fried haloumi and watermelon salad...............who knew !!
Also pasta rice and roasted cherry tomato salad......delicious.
J & A bought along a side of lemon potatoes greek style.....very tasty !!
J & M also served up special lamb dish with a fabulous feta and chilli garnish.
Have to say I feel I let the side down......very stressful week and I was supposed to bring Greek dessert.....what can I say...I stopped at the bakery on the way down and bought a lovely mars bar cheesecake....I'm sure they have mars bars in Greece????  No photo included, it's in the Hall of Shame ..... Never mind, next time I'll do better.


  1. Look a bit more tasty than your gingerbread zombies me thinks?

  2. Good to catch up to your blog and see you doing all the good stuff still.

    1. just found your comment Carey... hope all is well with you. are you coming back to writing group?