Thursday, 1 January 2015

The First Day of 2015.....

I spent the first day of the New Year doing everything I love...even managed to do a couple of hours work from my home office.........then let the chooks out to have a scratch around the yard.......

The ladies scratching around under the fruit trees....
 looked around the vegie gardens in amazement at how much they have grown in the last week...lots of sun and rain....everything is flourishing.
Herb garden, and the pumpkin vines which have gone crazy.

More vegie beds....some nearly finishing and some just taking off..
 My mums birthday today...she turned 82 G boy who turns 4 in March had the best seat in the house...very proud of the cake that he had decorated himself with loads of candles and assorted birthday bits and pieces.
Loving the decorated cake.....lots of birthday love in there.
 Back home in the afternoon to literally put my feet up.....spent a lovely hour or so reading on the back deck in the sunshine....Bliss !
Everyone should take the time to put their feet up once in a's on the NY list.
 Then BBQ dinner outside with my main man.....just waiting for him to cook the sausages for him and tonight for me a lentil pattie....trying to reduce my meat's on the New Year  list !!

Dinner for the back yard with the late afternoon sun...lovely
Would be great if the rest of the year goes as well as today ..... fingers crossed.


  1. Your chooks and vegie garden look fabulous Suzie!! Jan x

  2. A calm, productive, family-filled New Year's Day. Perfect. Hope every day of 2015 goes just as smoothly for you.

  3. It looks like a perfect day to me, Suzie. Here, in NY, we had a bit of snow last night so its fun to see your flourishing gardens - and, oh, to sit in the sun for an hour truly does sound like bliss! Hope you have a wonderful 2015!

  4. Happy New Year Suzie...your veggie garden is looking good. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane