Wednesday, 28 January 2015

C'est la vie.....

The last two weeks I've had a bit of everything....we started out with a beautiful wedding ... and attended the reception of a happy couple starting their lives together.  So much joy and happiness at the church, followed by an amazing reception at Zinc in Melbourne....I love Italians.

The daughter of very good friends of ours looking radiant on her special day
Then three days later my husband's beautiful auntie passed away after a brief illness... she was such a delightful little lady...tiny at just 4'11"..... her funeral last Thursday was a very sad day indeed....she will always be remembered with much love.....may she rest in peace.
Our delightful Auntie Mae in happier days at her grand daughters wedding..
she always looked immaculate and was an absolute joy.
The day after the funeral my elderly father was hospitalised and once again we have gone through the fears of wondering if this is the time we will lose him... he has been so sick for over 4 years now..... I've spent many hours this week in hospital with him and running mum back and forwards to visit him...seeing his doctors.. and talking to his nurses..... Thankfully he appears to be slowly recovering and fingers crossed will be back home soon... ..It's so hard to watch loved ones suffering when you are powerless to help.... ... ..such is life.


  1. The Aunty's looks like a very stylist lady, it's always sad even when people have lived a good life. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. I hope your Dad is on his way to recovery, Suzie. I'll remember him in my prayers - you and your mom too. I know it can't be easy running back and forth to the hospital like that. My condolences on the passing of your aunt.

    1. Thanks Susan I genuinely appreciate your kind thoughts.

  3. thoughts are with you Suzie, sending you some strength and a hug xxx