Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sweet 16 ....

The chicks are 16 days old today....I couldn't believe it when I saw 4 of them roosting ....this roost is about 40cm off the ground....they flap their little wings and fly/jump all over the place.......they are looking a bit odd as they are losing the fluffy down and their feathers are coming #5 was sitting underneath mum....they still tuck themselves up under the hens all times of the day....... incredibly cute and they grow like weeds....fingers crossed I have some girls among them.
Not the best photo but I was in a hurry in case the little monsters jumped down......
 The very first flower on this tiny rose is huge...and smells amazing...Haven't grown roses before so was very happy to see this..

It's the only rose on the little bush and it's huge....
 Finally a bit of action in the vegie garden...this is the corn that I grew from seed....first time struggled at the start with snail attack but it seems to have survived....should be able to remove the temporary fence now...big enough so that the chooks won't destroy them.

Corn has struggled but it's getting there...
Just another day of watching things gives me such a sense of purpose....and I get so much joy from seeing what I can produce....although I can't take credit for the chicks...those hens are doing what nature intends them to glad I gave them the opportunity.


  1. Your garden is young and growing just as ours has retired for the winter. It's good to know that somewhere in the world gardens (and gardeners) are still producing food. Hoping your corn grows tall and bountifully.

  2. Just love those sweet little chicks - As we are preparing for the winter season here in upstate NY, I can appreciate the joy you are experiencing seeing your first rose and watching your vegetable garden come to life.