Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Monthly 9 Link Up for October ......

Joining up with Linda for the monthly 9 link up for October....the weeks fly so fast...great to look back and see what everyone has been up to.

Nourish: Our health was in the forefront of my mind this month...had success with the first time using the seed sprouter....
Sprouting seeds for adding to healthy salads....
 Prepare:  Dare I say I have been preparing for Christmas...there I said it out loud....we have got quite a lot of entertaining to do in the lead up to Christmas....lots and lots to do....but it's my favourite time of year so there will be no complaints from me.  Will be trying to create a few homemade gifts this year...hopefully will blog about them is they turn out OK.

Reduce:  This weekend was tomato planting time...Cup weekend in Melbourne...to avoid the need to buy new trellis for the tomatoes to grow on, I reused old garden stakes and using sticks that had blown off the gum trees into the yard and managed to make a rustic looking trellis...all tied together with string....see how it goes.

Rustic twig trellis....hopefully the tomatoes will grow ok on it.
 Green:  At last I have my long awaited greenhouse....my man spent a lot of hours constructing this for me....so many pieces.... this should now allow me to grow all my own seedlings from scratch....and hopefully grow food in the colder months of winter.....can't wait to get started.

The Greenhouse......great construction job from my main man.
Grow:  Been a bit of action in the vegie patch...really happy to have grown a few cauliflowers...and some lovely heads of broccoli...first success with them...beetroot is not as good as last year and leeks are ok but quite short in the stalk.... lettuces however are abundant. 
Daily goodies from the vegie patch.....
Create: Things are a bit slow in the creative area...still working on the mosaic and have a huge list of things to start on and finish before Christmas....better get cracking..

This project has been ongoing....but am getting back into it now that the warmer weather is here.
Discover:  Spent this month trying to learn all I can about bees...attended a workshop and hands on experience opening a hive....really want to have my own hive .... hopefully in the not too distant future.
The opened hive....bees really are fascinating...and the honey would be such a bonus.
Enhance:  The books I am reading this month....The Last Love Story...is for bookclub..unfortunately once again not a big fan.  I'm starting to think that I am a bit hard to please when it comes to novels...will see what the others think next week at the local community bookclub.

  I have just started The Rosie Project and have it on sound advice that I an going to LOVE this one....it has been doing the rounds for quite a while and everyone seems to rave about it ...so am giving it a go...hopefully I will fall in love with it as well.

Enjoy:  I'm enjoying everything at the moment...Spring is here and life is good....obviously not without its ups and downs but I'm a big believer in making the most of every day ... life is what you make it...follow your dreams and see where they take you.


  1. That mosaic is AMAZING!! I must show Belle. She really likes the idea of mosaic and has been given some tiles. Do you have a special tool to cut them to the shape you want? Love the veggies you've grown!

    1. Hi Linda, this is the first mosaic I have ever done, I usually paint. There is a specific cutting tool, one for straight cuts and one for rounded cuts.. the rest you smash up with a hammer... .it is like doing a jigsaw but making up the picture as you go along...very therapeutic.

  2. I can remember the first time I grew really good Caulis... I was thrilled. That mosaic looks fun; I look forward to seeing it finished; are you working from a drawing?

    I so regret not having taken up beekeeping when I was younger. Maybe it's that I don't eat sugar that stopped me.

    1. Hi Cro, the image for the mosaic is just in my head..I make it up as I go. it's a very forgiving medium.

  3. I appreciate you sharing what you're reading, and your impressions. I find a good portion of my reading from other bloggers. Thank you!

  4. love the mosaic! Thanks for the reminder about growing sprouts. Must get some on the go


  5. Your mosaic is beatuiful! We hope to keep bees one day too, the course sounds like a great place to start.