Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Some More of the Same....

It's just another day in's the usual busy run up to Christmas now with lots of planning underway....we are doing quite a bit of entertaining over the next few weeks...need to get organised....still have lots of time for the garden and growing stuff.
Day 2 of the sprouter...looks incredible...these little guys grew is really quite fascinating to watch what happens with just water.

They grow at an incredible speed...should be ready in a day or two.
Pickings from the vegie garden this morning...I know I bang on about it but it still surprises me every day that I can grow my own food...if a non green thumb like myself can do this anyone can...

Leeks, beetroot, kale, cauliflower and finally broccoli heads for the table...
 The girls also got into a bit of gardening action while I was outside...look at those little feet up on the furniture...we have a bit of fresh soil lying around the yard and they can't seem to stay out of it...
"Who me....What dirty feet"......
This project of mine is probably the world's slowest mosaic.....have set myself the target to have it finished before Christmas...there I've said it ..... I am the great un-finisher.
When both panels completed will read "Live a Simple Life" is taking ages as I have too many things on the go...
Should be picking up my greenhouse on the weekend....I am really excited about it...growing from seeds will be so much cheaper and much more rewarding I think...and the ladies are still on the eggs so hopefully chicks by cup weekend......enjoy your day !


  1. Wow that craft photo at the end is amazing it will be worth all the hard work when it's finished. Regards Kathy a, Brisbane

    1. Thanks Kathy. I just need to get cracking and finish it.

  2. I adore this artwork
    I adore it

    1. Thanks John, that's big praise coming from you...after all I have seen what you can do with vegetables.