Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Great Cholesterol Conundrum

Like a moth to a flame....I am always drawn to a beautiful cheese platter....
Life is full of unexpected things that will trip you up from time to time....my latest is that my recent blood test, just for a check up, indicates I have elevated cholesterol levels, which while not dangerous need to be reduced........oh dear....not entirely unexpected I guess when you consider my love of cheese and all things cheesey......my love affair with the cheese platter is well known among my family and friends....I am unable to resist the delicious creamy texture of soft cheeses, and the bitey tang of hard cheese.......I happily devour platters ...chatting with cracker and cheese in one hand and chilled glass of sav blanc in the other......I now have to reconsider the amount of cheese I consume....which should probably be none, but I don't think that is possible.....Also my love of the humble egg....my favourite breakfast .......this will also need to be curbed...at the moment life without my favourite things seems bleak.......but a girl has to do what a girl has to do........so farewell to my cheesey habits....hello to special occasion only cheese....and no more than 6 eggs a week....farewell also to delicious butter which I lavish generously wherever possible....hello to cholesterol free spreads....life is still good if not quite as delicious.


  1. Hello to avocados and hummus (I think they're ok?). I am also a mega cheese lover, but of late have been feeling a bit squeamish about eating it... which I think is my body's way of telling me to back off.
    Good luck :)

  2. This happenned to me some years go.I even went vegetarian (did not work) before taking statin drug path. Drug upset my liver function readings-- Doc said don't worry keep on drug, I said stuff that. Now I enjoy cheese and wine, eggs, bacon, rump steak,cream in black coffee and save a lot of money. Happy, active healthy, I walk a lot, no drug except 1/4 300mg soluble aspirin, thins blood so chol doesn't stick(heard this on research show Rad Nat-box of 96 solprin $4 lasts 396 days). So far so good. I suspect this chol thing is the greatest medical fraud in history. I eat eggs most days. Love em.