Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beating winter blues'........

Wow, winter has hit with a surprising that the sun can be shining beautifully one day and temperatures drop and rainfall starts next day and's winter...I work from home so the cold weather wintery blues certainly take their toll on me....not a lot happening in the garden, plants are very slow to come along, not like the glorious bounty of summer crops.....have started growing my own seedlings to see how I go....bought a tiny plastic greenhouse and if I have any success and the seedlings take off, I will look at purchasing a proper greenhouse......would love to have stacks of seedlings and plants on the go...still a lot to learn but putting seeds into soil and adding water can't be all that hard - can it???

My itsy bitsy greenhouse......the start of bigger things maybe.

So far so good....spinach and leek seedlings have started to pop up..


  1. Jan (in the UK)8 June 2013 at 12:09

    Hello - found you via Heathers blog.
    We're into our Summer here in the UK, it's felt to be a long time coming and it's very welcome.
    Keep warm and cosy.

    1. Hi Jan, great to hear from you....I don't know who Heather is but glad you found me.....I hope you enjoy the sunshine over there...thanks for visiting. Take care.

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