Sunday, 6 November 2016

Trouble in The Hen House .....

I thought today would be a good time to add two new young girls to the hen house....I've put the new ladies in the pen and left the old girls in the yard to get them used to each other, then plan to lock them all in together tonight...unfortunately the older girls are not all that keen.....
Some new point of lay girls seem quite at home in their new house.
 ....the grand old ladies have not stopped squawking all afternoon...they are standing in the rain, huddled together making an absolute ruckus ...having a stop work meeting I think...fingers crossed all settles down tonight ...!!
The old biddies ...ARE NOT HAPPY !!!
 On the subject of "old girls" , this old girl got onto a bicycle for the first time in I hate to think how many years.....we borrowed bikes while we make the decision if we should each buy one (in our latest get fit attempt).. man and I decided to ride to the two towns trail and just go halfway and then back home....just over 8kms, which I will admit did require me walking the bike up the hills...thankfully not too many...  my man took the opportunity for a photo pic outside one of my favourite gardens as we rode home.......all was going quite well.

....a timely warning to all old ladies who think it's a good idea to try and steer with one hand while you try to get something out of your bag.....DON'T...yes I had a spill, thankfully landed on the grass and no damage done other than a grass stain on my pants and a slightly bruised ego....I asked my husband did I at least fall gracefully and his reply was.... "Sorry babe..but NO, you landed like a sack of spuds"...

Once my man stopped laughing he decided to take a picture....thanks for that Ed !!
I'm not deterred .... we are thinking of buying each other bikes for Christmas...see how that goes hey.

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