Monday, 29 June 2015

The Blogging Experience.....

Blogging and following people on line is an intriguing journey...... Sharing event's and experiences with people all over the world.  This morning I find myself in tears over the death of a dog I've never touched, belonging to a man I've never met, in a town I've never heard of. .... yet the loss of beautiful Meg brings me to tears...I've been following John's blog for over a year now and you really start to feel like you know them and care about what happens it their lives.  Meg had been sick for a while and had been given expert care by John before he had to make the difficult decision to put her to sleep. Hope John doesn't mind that I've shared a picture of Meg here as a puppy with her pal George.

Meg (she's the blonde) and George from Going Gently
Having to say goodbye to pets is such a difficult thing and John shared his experience with such honesty and love.  RIP Meg.

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  1. Meg was my old gal.....a silly, slightly jealous dog who needed to bewith me 24/7

    I miss her already x