Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Too Busy to Blog ........

Don't know where the time has gone but I haven't had a chance to get to the blog in quite a while.  A quick update on how I've spent the last two weeks or so.......monthly luncheon catch up with the gang was held by J&M....delicious BBQ lunch...I had to bring a starter which was sweet potato rostie's which we ate before I got a photo...lovely salad by J&A....scrumptious decadent cheesecake by R and the Big K....a lovely afternoon.... J&M moved into their new house so it was also a  house warming.

Steaks and salads all set to go.....self service at the big island bar.
What was left of the caramel cheesecake which had a delicious caramel sauce to got with it.

Also spent a day crafting with my eldest daughter and we tried our hand at making bath bombs to give as gifts....very easy recipe and I was quite amazed how well they turned out...I made big ones in a recycled plastic donut box...they came out really nice.   
Mixed up the ingredients, citric acid, bicarb, corn flour, essential oil fragrance, colour and water...
Placed the just damp mixture into the moulds and the donut packaging...
They turned out OK....great gift idea and we've put them on the list for homemade Christmas.

We also tackled homemade candles but the soy we used was for pillar not container so we had a few problems but they came out okay in the end....I have kept my empty jars from candles I have either bought or been given over the year and have up-cycled the beautiful jars....very happy with the result....don't think I will ever buy candles again as they are very easy to make and work out much cheaper.
My up-cycled jars being used for more candles...labelled and ready to give as gifts....or keep for myself !
 Also tried a couple of organic beeswax candles....added coconut oil as this was suggested on the internet...the fragrance I used on these ones was caramel & vanilla......they smell fantastic.

Beeswax candles have a beautiful colour....really happy with these ones.
A trip to Red Hill market for the last market before winter was a lovely day spent with my girls and my gboy....they had a petting zoo which he loved.

At the petting zoo which had lovely baby animals...he also feed a kid and a lamb.
Unbelievable my gboy starts school next year...........time really flies..... I just love him to bits .
My little man in full flight at kinder........a school boy next year!
 Sunday saw us all having Mother's day at my mum's place for afternoon tea...... we had a lovely family day and I was very spoilt with perfume, books, chocolates and a pasta machine from my fluffy girls...thanks to my husband.  Looking forward to getting into some homemade pasta !!


  1. The running shot is a delight!
    Bonnie lad

  2. You certainly have been busy, Suzie! That caramel cheesecake looks delish and the thought of making homemade pasta with your new pasta machine sounds great too.
    Your gson is one handsome little fellow!

    1. Can't wait to get to work on the pasta machine Susan....it looks easy watching others do it but I'm sure I will find it a challenge.