Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Good....the Bad....& the Sad...!

 We had a lovely Easter....home made hot cross buns on Good Friday..... a lovely sleep in on Saturday...then an Easter egg hunt in the back garden with the Gboy on Sunday morning, followed by Brunch.....and a visit to our parents in the afternoon....My man having 4 days off in a row....perfect.

All ready for the oven......very wonky but who doesn't love imperfection !!

All brushed with sugar syrup and ready to eat..
This week I got around to making tomato relish from some of the last of the crop......followed the recipe I found on the internet and I did think 1/2 cup of salt into the chopped onion and tomatoes seemed quite a lot.....2 cups of malt vinegar also.... and it took forever to reduce.... upon tasting it is very very salty....I checked the comments on the recipe and they all said way too much salt.....I bottled it up anyway and will see how it tastes in a couple of weeks time...such a nuisance using a recipe that I wasn't too sure of.....would love to hear from anyone who has a great tomato relish recipe!

after a quick dip in boiling water the skins come off nice and easy.
Red and a couple of yellow heritage tomatoes, onions.......and loads of salt !

Will see how it goes, but I think it is going to be a bit nasty ...!
 And sadly the little chicken who hasn't been well for quite a while died yesterday......when I went out in the morning to let all the girls out she was just standing there not moving and let me pick her up.....she was so thin......I placed her in a small cage and put her on the porch in the warm sunshine...she laid with her eyes closed all day only waking occasionally.. and the fluffy girls and I sat with her in the sun for ages....she seemed quite peaceful but I wondered if it would have been more kind to put her down....It is such a dilemma but I let nature take it's course..... she had been eating and running around the day before.......hopefully her last day she was peaceful away from the others who were starting to peck at her....I buried her in the backyard under the lemon tree.

Daisy and Daphne sat with me keeping their eye on the poor thing...she was very weak and listless.


  1. That's sad about your chicken, we lost one this year and thankfully I found it not the kids. Have a good weekend. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Poor little chicky. At least you gave it a peaceful last day. Your hot cross buns look fine to me but I agree with you - half a cup of salt seems a bit much.

    1. Have tasted the result and it is very salty...perhaps still edible...will have to try it out on unsuspecting family members !

  3. Sorry for your loss. It's sad to lose an animal like that. Good for you for providing her the dignity of a good life (and death).

  4. It's really hard to lose then.. particularly when I don't have a lot of experience with livestock.

  5. It is always sad to loos a chicken. Our rooster seems to be on his last legs and is looking very sad but we are going to give him a de licing today and see how things go.