Thursday, 12 February 2015

One of Those Days ......

Yesterday was one of those days.....the ones were nothing seems to be going right... one of the light sussex has gone broody again just 14 weeks after the last lot of chicks....  a few of the said chicks flew over the coop fence into the yard... they got into the greenhouse and ate all of my seedlings....and destroyed the strawberry bed...... one of the old girls doesn't look too well and she has been laying soft shelled eggs which keep breaking.... A zucchini bush has developed mildew on the leaves....  . the tap on the water filter started leaking and dripping all over the place... argued with the guy I work for.....this was all before breakfast......then while I was having breakfast  I saw this little worried face watching  me.... somehow your pets know when your not happy....made me realise none of the things going on were insurmountable....just annoying.

The beautiful Daisy........she was worried....doesn't normally put her head on the table.
Broody hen is now in the broody buster ( my husband's trailer).... today I will clip the wings on the teenagers...separate the sick chicken to see what's going on with her....pull out the mildewy zucchini plant ... salvage any seedlings from the mess and save what I can... and get the water filter repaired..... then off to writing group.


  1. Oh Suzie!!! I hope the rest of the week has been better for you :) Jan x

  2. It didn't Jan....but hopefully this week will be better...thanks for caring x

  3. Oh, that sweet little face resting on the table. Hope looking at Daisy took your mind off things for a few minutes. And I hope that you have a better time of things this week. That sounds like an awful lot to cope with all at once.

  4. Oh my, that surely does sound like a challenging day! I hope things have taken a turn for the better this week.