Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.....

Wow this month has really flown by...not sure where it went .... the media showed us so much sadness and tragedy in the lead up to Christmas ... hard to keep the Christmas cheer going but as they say life goes on.. This evening we will be sharing Christmas Eve once again with the family of my girlfriend who passed away in March....it will be tough but I know she would wish her husband and children the courage to continue on without her. I will definitely be thinking of her as we watch the carols tonight. Christmas day is at my place tomorrow so lots to do this afternoon to get ready for that.    Did manage to make a few home made edible goodies this week.     Made "white Christmas' for very dear friends to go into a hamper of edible goodies....have to say it was delicious...it was part of a hamper I thought they would take with them when they went to visit family in Ballarat....oops they have eaten it all already !! 
Found a "white Christmas" recipe..... delicious
Bikkie mix in a jar..... chocolate, cranberries and pistachio......made these for my husbands two nieces who have both moved out of home...it was in a magazine last year and I resurrected it again this year.  Hope they enjoy ! 
Just need to add melted butter and an egg and you have instant bikkies...

Boy these babies of mine have grown !!...a couple of weeks is a long time in chicken years...still sleep with their mums at night and they protect them from the other two chooks who give them a bit of a battering every now and then...life's like that.
Five chicks are now teenagers.... !!
 Then we have what was in the garden today....first of the zucchinis and snow peas.....dried my garlic crop, now all trimmed up and ready to be stored...and sadly just one little lonely egg....production is way down in the henhouse!
Today in the garden...

It is the time of year to think of others....as we open gifts and share delicious food tomorrow, I will take time to reflect on those less fortunate than I am and hope that I have made conscious Christmas decisions....I look forward to the New Year...hopefully not as difficult a year as this one... wishing everyone peace and joy.

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  1. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane