Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Couple of Busy Weekends......

It's always the way...nothing much in the diary for a while and then you get a couple of really busy weekends on top of each other...I squeezed in a trip to the circus with my favourite little guy....his first time and I think he thought the best part was the popcorn...

My g-boy loves his 3 he wasn't quite sure what all the fuss was about
Some very clever young performers....I hadn't been to a circus in I don't remember how long.

Was actually a bit nervous watching this guy...he was a bit shaky.
 I had also received tickets from my daughter last Christmas for Les fantastic that was...we don't see a lot of theatre as a rule but this show was absolutely amazing.  My man and I loved every minute...spectacular and mesmerising.  Can't say enough good stuff  about it.

A young cast of relatively unknowns......they were exceptionally good.
We also had our monthly luncheon hosted by J & M ...... an absolute feast of Moroccan delights...a lovely filo pastry nibble filled with goats cheese, pine nuts, coriander, sundried tomatoes and other goodies...delicious....from Robbie and the big K.  J & M served up two huge casseroles of Moroccan lamb and Chicken dishes...flavoured cous cous....not forgetting Moroccan bread made with semolina......and a tasty  Moroccan salad from J&A....My offering was supposed to be something to have with coffee...I attempted Moroccan almond macaroons....they didn't turn out as well as expected so I camouflaged them with Terry's orange segments and apricot bites...they did all get eaten but perhaps everyone was just being nice !!
The usual suspects all tucking in to a delicious Moroccan feast......

My sad little macaroons.....which I tried to disguise amongst this mandala of chocolates and apricot bites.
 Realising how fortunate we are to live in a country like Australia and share great times with good friends...I received a timely reminder from Oxfam regarding a fund raiser they are having in asks you to join in  World Food Day 16th October, by inviting friends over for dinner and making a donation locally and act globally.  Food is something we take for granted's a great idea to try to do something for others who are so less fortunate.


  1. I took my kids to the circus last year and they love it. Love the ringmaster and the whole atmosphere. Regards a kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Hubby and go to Cirque de solei when ever they are here. Lunch sounds delish as usual.