Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow.......

Have been reading a lot of books on self sufficiency and also reading several blogs about saving money and being frugal.  While I am keen to save money and become debt free...who isn't.... I do think it is more important to spend money wisely while at the same time ensuring it is in the best interest of my health and the food, local produce, supporting your local traders does not come cheap....I think my money will best be saved by not buying things I don't need...reusing where possible..although I have struggled in the second hand clothes arena...I think that must take lots of practice...Easiest money saver for me so far has been growing my own vegies...although the initial set up is quite costly...I do intend to grow my own seedlings in the future, this would save quite a bit of the outlay to get delicious fresh veggies...this mornings selection...first ever cucumber (burpless...see how that goes), spring onions, beans, capsicum, lettuce, basil....I think I see a frittata and salad coming up !!

This mornings pickings from the garden...........

In the interest of saving money I have started a christmas club...first time December is taken care of....also have a holiday account on the go....if we ever get the chance to take a holiday....Am going to try and do a NO SPEND MARCH ....have seen a lot of blogs where others are trying this...I will give it a go....meanwhile the garden is providing lots of goodies...if you aren't growing your own food....give it a try !!

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  1. Oh how I wish I could see grass right now! We are covered in snow. Your veggies look wonderful. Hope you pursue your dream and write. Check out my editor She is amazing.
    God bless and thanks for your comment on my book.