Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Few Thoughts For Friday.......

The pumpkins have started to spread out....can't wait until they really get going.

Strawberries coming along if I can only stop the wildlife from eating them..

Everything appears to be flourishing in the vegie patch....even the tomatoes look good..

The Christmas tree is up and the presents are out.....not long to wait now...

Finally finished the scarf.....modelled here by my I could get a photo....!!
It's Friday and the sun has been shining on and off for the last few days....a slow start to Summer but hopefully more beautiful weather to come....the vegie's are going great.,...also lots of greenery to feed the chickens....they are very happy about that...Christmas is not too far away.....Looking forward to that especially sharing it with my G baby who is very excited and has his christmas list prepared...which includes a ham sandwich???....hope Santa remembers to bring that one.   Finally finished off the scarf I was making for my mother in laws 80th birthday...hope she likes has been quite a project...Celebration is on Sunday so fingers crossed. As always life is good even when it throws obstacles in your way....just step over them and keep on going....illness is snapping at the heels of my elderly parents...but I guess that is all part of the aging process....another reminder to keep yourself as healthy as possible by doing whatever it thoughts are with them as we go through this hurdle together.....just putting the love out there !!

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  1. Your veggies look great...when we grow strawberries we only have a couple of plants and my daughter usually eats one strawberry at a time when they are ripe. Enjoy your Christmas. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia